TEA TREE + ALOE Natural Soap- tea tree (vegan)

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TEA TREE + ALOE Soap is a nice light color with the scent of tea tree essential oil for a natural medicinal, fresh, woody, crisp scent. The perfect one-two combo of tea tree and aloe to cleanse, soothe, and soften.

Ingredients: Olive oil, organic aloe juice, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide+, tea tree essential oil, and bentonite clay.  (vegan)

Caution: This product is made with high quality pure essential oils. Even though essential oils and all ingredients are natural…please discontinue use with adverse reaction, as everyone is different. External use only. Avoid eyes.
Keeping bar dry between uses will prolong its life.

+used to make soap but none left in finished product

Soap is made in small batches and is hand cut. Therefore, no two bars are identical.
1 bar- Net Wt. 4.5oz