We own Mercer Mase Ranch in Central NY. Fourty acres of pastures, fields, woods, and rolling hills. We use fresh goat milk from our Nigerian Dwarf girls in our soaps. Nigerian Dwarf are the smallest goats of the milk breeds. Males stand no more than 23.5 inches tall and females stand no more than 22.5 inches tall. That is pretty short full grown! Nigerian Dwarf milk has the highest butterfat with 6-10% and is also high in protein. 


We currently have 7 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 5 does, 2 bucks

The Girls: does

Mama: Mama is the oldest and was our first goat on the farm. Mama is super sweet. She is retired because of an old injury. She is black/tan color (Buckskin)

Magnolia (Maggie): Maggie is Mama's daughter and we bought them as a mom/daughter set as our first goats on the farm. She looks almost identical to her mom. Maggie is now the herd boss. She loves pets and scratches but will be sure to put everyone in their place. She is black/tan color (Buckskin). Magnolia got her name because of Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper/Magnolia Home)

Violet: Violet is black with white spots and is as pretty as can be. She has a sweet demeanor. 

Chai: One of the youngest on the farm. She sits back and watches everything. She is almost solid black with a little white fluff on her head. 

Pretty: One of the youngest on the farm, Chai's sister. She also likes to sit back and watch. She has brown/black coloring.

The Boys: bucks

Rocky Blue (Blue): Blue is mostly white (with random black and brown areas and brown legs) and the only one of our goats with blue eyes. Blue is the loudest of all of our goat. Even if we are 200ft away, as soon as he spots us outside, he will be yelling for us. 

Stetson: Stetson is our youngest male and the flashiest. He has beautiful coloring of brown and black with random white splashes including a white stripe face and alfalfa hairdo. 

We hope to have late Fall kids (babies) from Violet and Chuck. 

Also on the Farm:

Rosco: cremello (solid white with blue eyes) quarter horse

Oreo: Very friendly and "helpful" miniature mule.

McGee: Chocolate Labrador Retriever 

Draqko: Orange Bearded Dragon, half dinosaur/half fire breathing monster

Cthulu/Bushido: black kittens-the boy is like a second puppy and will cuddle with the dog, the girl is scared of the dog and looks like a black panther

If you would like to know more about the farm, follow us on FB @MercerMaseRanch