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Not everyone has the same skin type. So, we created different masks just for you. Try our charcoal mask for regular to oily skin. Mocha mask for normal to dry skin and to exfoliate. And our pink rose clay mask for those with sensitive skin.

These clay masks are completely natural with no added scent.  They come in powder form and you mix them with your choice of liquid to activate.  There's enough powder in each pouch for 4-5 applications (depending on how you mix them). Only mix what you are goin to use in one application...keep the rest of the powder in the resealable pouch for next time. Comes with a wooden spoon.

For: Dry/Sensitive Skin

Ingredients: Rose kaolin clay, kaolin clay, honey powder, and oats.

For: Dry/Normal Skin

Ingredients: French green clay, dark cocoa powder, and fine ground coffee.

Smells like the sweet scent cocoa and slightly exfoliates while applying/removing.

FOR: Regular/Oily Skin

Ingredients: Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, rose pink clay, powdered goat milk, and turmeric.

To mix: In glass or ceramic bowl (not metal), mix small amount of powder with desired liquid to activate. (Water, honey, oil, or yogurt) Add small amount at a time to make a paste. Apply too clean face (avoid eyes) and let dry 10-15 min. Remove with a clean warm cloth. Pat dry. Moisturize if needed. We recommend use 1x week for regular skin.

Mix and Match- you may like to alternate them from week to week or use one on your T-zone and one on the rest of your face.

Sold individually or in a set of all 3. Each order comes with a wooden spoon.


resealable pouch: .5oz