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Our aroma rollers are formulated with skin nourishing carrier oils with a blend of pure high quality essential oils derived from plants -fruit, flowers, trees, herbs...nature. Add our aroma rollers to your everyday wellness routine. All blends smell lovely and can be used as a natural fragrance perfume.

Our aroma rollers are ready-to-use. Safely diluted for local, small areas (temple, pulse, etc.). NOT for full body use. Easy use for at home or on the go for all day convenience.

Ingredients: Fractioned coconut oil, jojoba oil, essential oils (by scent below), vitamin-e.

While essential oils may have some "other uses", the FDA restricts us from making any claims on uses or benefits other than scent. Please do your own research on specific benefits or restrictions for your health and purposes.

If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor's care, consult physician. External use only. Avoid eyes. Discontinue use with any adverse reaction.

scent options: lavender | lavender/sweet orange | peppermint | patchouli/sweet orange | tea tree/lavender | pink grapefruit/lemongrass | lemongrass | peppermint/eucalyptus | lavender/cedarwood/orange | frankincense|lavender/palmarosa|tea tree

1/3oz|10mL glass with stainless steel roller ball

  • FAQ: Why are your roller bottles clear glass vs amber? We have always heard colored glass bottles are better for essential oils to keep them from breaking down.
    From Dr. Robert Pappas, renowned chemist and essential oil expert: "Many people ask me all the time if its really necessary for essential oils to be stored in colored glass bottles. My preference is to store the oils in clear glass because color analysis is important to me and I want to be able to clearly see the color of the oil. The truth is that most essential oils are photochemically inactive in the visible region but do have some reactivity in the ultra-violet (UV) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since UV light of high enough energy to cause photochemical reactions in most organic molecules is absorbed (not transmitted) by normal glass, regardless of color, most of the time it really makes little difference if the oils are in clear, brown, blue, green, purple or whatever color glass. (with a few exceptions, as with the chamazulene containing oils (blue chamomile, blue yarrow, blue tansy, etc.)